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Five Top Tips to Beat the Christmas Stress!

To be honest I’ve never been the kind of person who’s ever really felt stressed at Christmas time, but with a new baby on the way, maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon! However, I do remember my mum complaining year after year that Christmas was always left up to her and how she dreaded the extra workload that the festive season brings! 

So, as the big day approaches, here are my top tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed with stress so that you can instead, relax and enjoy! 

1. Ditch the Christmas Cards. I have never sent more than ten Christmas cards a year, mum however used to send over three hundred. And that’s not an exaggeration! Tell your friends that you are instead making a donation to your favourite charity. 

2. Wrap the presents at the beginning of the week. I actually (smug face) for the first time ever, have all my presents wrapped and under the tree! I usually do them Christmas Eve, which in a way is rather nice, but also a little last minute and rushed! So if you haven’t already, then it’s time get prepared and wrap them up NOW, like tonight! 

3. Do an online food shop. Why spend over an hour trawling through the busy supermarket aisles, desperately trying to get your hands on the last jar of cranberry sauce, when you can sit at home with a glass of mulled wine and do it all online and have it delivered to your door? 

4. Prepare what you can Christmas Eve. If you are taking on the mammoth task of cooking Christmas dinner for a large group, then do yourself a favour and prepare what you can the night before. Homemade stuffing, prepping the turkey, pigs in blankets, dessert, mince pies and setting the table can all be done in advance. So do it, then you can enjoy the day (and meal) yourself more. 

5. And finally, take time for yourself. There’s only so much partying, eating, boozing and present opening one person can take! Christmas can get overwhelming for the best of us. Take time out to find your Zen, look after your mind and body and come and join us in class. We’re open between Christmas and New Year so be sure to book in now to save your place. 

Merry Christmas!