21 Weeks

Where to start? Well, I’m five months pregnant, 21 weeks to be precise as every single week (and day) does indeed count when expecting. Slightly unplanned, but not exactly unexpected (I never have been one for doing things by the book). Never the less myself and daddy-to-be couldn’t be more overjoyed about the little girl we await to cradle in our arms. 

For me, this is the second time around; I already have a son Liam, who is eighteen. Yup, I wanted to leave a big enough age gap to ensure a good supply of baby sitters. I’m thirty seven, so although I don’t like to label myself as an older mum, I guess I kind of am! I knew that I couldn’t leave it too long before having another baby (fertility does rapidly decline after the age of thirty five as us thirty-somethings are consistently reminded) but it seems that I am still well and truly fertile. Yippee, for my fertile little eggs!!!! I honestly feel truly blessed that everything (including my perfect partner) has just fallen into place at the right time.

So, what’s changed in the world of having babies in eighteen years? Well, as it transpires quite a lot! Yes, they are still made in the same way (I think) and still come out the same end (I hope) but the list of do’s and don’ts certainly seem to have expanded somewhat…..But, the main thing that has become apparent, is how much I have changed. Gone is the carefree, laid back teenage-mum-to-be, instead I find I have turned in to my mother; Worrying Winnie. And the dos and don’ts, don’t help! For example, I’m pretty sure I was allowed to lay on my back when I was pregnant eighteen years ago, but now it’s a big no go come the second trimester. So instead I find myself tossing and turning throughout the night, squishing my face against the pillow in attempt to adopt a semi comfortable side laying position. (As if my endless need to pee through the night wasn’t quite enough to keep me awake). 

And since when did you have to start monitoring the baby’s movements? Am I supposed to walk around with a pad and pen and make a pie chart record of hourly belly butterflies? Quite frankly I’m not sure this is entirely possible, is it? As lovely and heart-warming it is when you do feel the tap of little feet and elbows, if you fail to feel anything at all for a few hours, it then leaves you in a frenzy of panic with an emergency trip to the hospital on the cards. (Yes, this was me last night and yes, baby was perfectly fine.) 

Another huge issue I’ve now become more aware of as an older mum-to-be is how many pregnancy problems other people around me are having. From conceiving in the first place (which makes me even more thankful) to losing the baby during pregnancy. These are things that my teenage pregnant-self simply wasn’t that aware of and as I’m sure many other pregnant mums agree, they are all an added worry.

So, my question is ‘is too much information bad for you’? To be honest, unlike my first pregnancy the only thing I really read now is my pregnancy app, which I do find very helpful and informative. It’s especially nice to read how much the baby is growing and her progression week by week. But apart from that I have chosen to abstain from the magazine aisle, disregard the books and too much ‘googling’, and instead listen to my friends and family and trust my instincts. A far safer bet than the risk of becoming a neurotic mum-to-be I figure.