maternity fitness wear

A Stylish Pregnancy


As a Pilates buff I love my workout wear almost as much as I love working out. So, when I fell pregnant and my beautiful bump has started to grow, I have had to compromise somewhat on my beloved workout gear to accommodate for my growing waistline. 

Reluctant to spend out on too many maternity items given the cost (after all it’s only a matter of months that I will actually be wearing them) I desperately searched the internet for some reasonably priced maternity leggings that would see me through my pregnancy. After investing in two or three cheap pairs that I annoyingly had to keep tugging up to avoid them falling down by my knees, I came across Fitta Mamma: a maternity fitness wear specialist who have (like all my other favourite well-known non maternity fitness wear brands) discovered that good quality lycra is an essential ingredient! Reasonably priced and definitely a price worth paying as I literally live in my workout wear and the cheap ‘falling down leggings’ were getting far too unbearable! 

I’m now a huge fan of Fitta Mamma’s beautiful leggings that fit over my bump comfortably, without compromising on a good fit on the legs. They feel supportive enough to hold me in all the right places whilst allowing me to breathe comfortably whilst I work out. Ah the joy! I also indulged in a couple of their tops with built in bra support (don’t get me wrong with my rather voluptuous mummy-to-be boobies I still have to wear a sports bra underneath, but the added support the Fitta Mamma tops give are a massive bonus). And with a snugly fitted waistband that fits underneath baby bump and again good supportive fabric, Fitta Mamma tops are also definitely something I wished I had invested in at least a month earlier!