How Can Dynamic Reformer Pilates Help you change your shape in 2018?


New Year is the time to set yourself new goals and new aims in life and one of the most
common ones we set ourselves is of course about our health and fitness. The problem with some goals is that we set the bench too high or make our goals too unrealistic, which means that come mid Jan/early Feb, they start to slide quickly down that slippery slope!

Most health and fitness resolutions that don’t last are ones that come from fad diets and
gruelling fitness crazes. And the reason that they don’t work, is because they are simply too hard and too unrealistic!

The good news about Dynamic Reformer Pilates (and the reason I keep attaching the
Dynamic Reformer part rather than saying just Pilates) is that it works. No, it really works.
It’s not a fad, or a new craze. Reformer Pilates has been around for years and years and
many have developed it over time into what some call contemporary or Dynamic style.

OK, here’s a bit of tough love

Yes, it’s a tough class and yes, it takes commitment. One of the most common questions I
get asked is; how often do I need to attend class?’ And my answer is always this; ‘how much do you want to see results and how quickly do you want to see them?’

You can’t expect to build a house very quickly doing one hour a week, and nor will you see huge changes in your body or improvement in your strength if you don’t come very often (of course this depends on what else you’re doing in terms of fitness). But, given time and perseverance, the biggest reward for your perseverance is a strong, streamlined physique to be proud of.

One of the greatest things to come out of having a strong and streamlined physique, is much more than the initial weigh loss you may have hoped for, and that is the feeling of
empowerment and how truly wonderful it feels to have a strong, healthy body with minimal aches and pains.

The fabulous thing about Dynamic Reformer Pilates is that although it can be fairly
challenging, it is still low impact, which means that it’s kind to joints, does not wear down
joints and risk of injury is minimal, unlike many high impact workouts can and do.

If you’re a beginner, then you may want to start by building up how many classes you do (I would suggest starting with two a week and building up to three-five) and if you’ve been coming a while, but feel you’d like to step up your game, then there’s no time like the present. Your fit new body is waiting for you!

Check out our memberships via our Pricing Page where you can chose to do 12 or 16 classes a month and either spread the cost over a direct debit or get a discount for upfront payment.