Member of the Month - Marguerite

I discovered Reformer Pilates via my sister in 2014 and took a number of classes with Ten Pilates.  I enjoyed the discipline but was dissatisfied with the style of teaching.  When I started at Power Pilates I realised that being taught by people with dance training was very important to me and is one of the things I most value.  I've been at Beckenham for just over a year and feel committed to the process.  As others have said, I wish I had discovered it before, about 10 years earlier to be exact when my then-exercise programme waned.

The two main improvements for me have been developing abdominal strength so that I can support a neutral spine position in everyday activities such as lying on my back, for example, which was not comfortable before.  The other has been realising the importance of glute muscles and the difference they make to exercise, leg stride, rising on tip toes to reach and a range of ordinary movements.  

It is hard to define what I love about Power Pilates ... the feeling upon completion of a class!  So much contributes to this feeling, which stays with me into the next day.  I aspire to aesthetic form combined with supple strength.

Pilates on the Reformer is hard but worth the effort.  As a woman in her middle age maintaining muscle and strength is really important to me.  I know a significant number of people developing joint problems and I want to avoid being one.  Pilates on the Reformer makes me feel vital while wrinkles gather, skin sags and memory degrades!  May Reformer Pilates be my purple as I grow old ...