Member of the Month - Bea


We are so pleased to announce Bea as our member of the month. Bea has worked super hard since joining us recently and has come so far already on her fitness journey. Well done Bea, the only way is up!

"It was my younger sister who encouraged me to try pilates. I noticed how much leaner she had become. I had my first session with Power Pilates in December and I have never looked back. It was tough at first but seeing results by January kept me going. This is the first time I look forward to exercising and it does not feel like a chore. I noticed changes not only in my physique but also how much calmer I feel after each class. It helps me de-stress after a busy day. You have 1 hour just to yourself with fantastic instructors who challenge you in different ways. I feel stronger and leaner, my posture has improved, my lower back pain is no more and I finally found my core! I attend 3-4 classes every week ensuring I exercise with different instructors. My least favourite move is plank to pike on a white spring. My favourite exercise is spine bridge and legs in straps work. Thank you to Korin, Steph, Sarah and Emma for your encouragement and for being so good at what you do."