Member of the Month - Leo Martin

We are pleased to announce our member of the Month, the very dedicated Leo Martin who you will sometimes find in the studio twice a day! 

"I booked my first class at Power Pilates in May 2015. I had done some reformer Pilates previously but not for a couple of years and in hindsight I had no idea what I was doing! Taking it up again with Korin and her team has been brilliant, helping me work on my technique, understand the principles and get stronger – I can safely say I am hooked and I’m sure I’ve found muscles I didn’t know I had! 

All the moves are challenging, but if I had to pick a “favourite” it’s probably pike to plank, and I love a dynamic stretch. My nemesis has to be the spine curl/roll up which makes my hamstrings cramp annoyingly!

I try and get in a couple of classes a week and work with different trainers, all of whom are fantastic but with a variety of styles to keep it fresh and engaging.  Since joining I am definitely fitter, leaner and stronger – so Power Pilates ‘does what it says on the tin’! 

Thanks Korin, Sarah, Laura, Emma, Jaclyn, Steph, Yarit and Wojtek – you lot rock! X"