Things to Remember for a Pilates Class

1.  Water

Like any class, you should always take water to keep you hydrated. Keeping dehydration at bay, will allow your muscles and cells to stay nourished and your mind to stay alert and focused. It will also help to combat muscle fatigue and reduce the after-burn, all of which are essential when you’re working out and challenging your body.

2. Your core

Keeping a strong core throughout your class is one of the fundamental elements of Pilates. Once you have learnt how to connect your core muscles correctly, you can apply this to any other fitness, sport or daily activity you do, which can make a noticeable difference in your strength and performance. And most importantly, a strong core promotes a strong spine, which is vital for your overall strength, health and wellbeing.

3. A good kit

You may be tempted to go with cheaper gear, as Pilates wear can be pricy. However, in this case you get what you pay for. Good quality fitness wear will not only look more stylish and encourage to show off your new outfit in class, but the material will be more flattering and supportive as you move. It will also last for years and you are less likely to show off an embarrassing display of your G string through your see through leggings as you do your roll downs!

4. Grip socks

Although sock are part of a good kit, they deserve a separate mention, as they are pretty important in a reformer or equipment Pilates class. Standing on a smooth surface can be quite slippery in normal socks (you could do it in bare feet although some studios prefer that you wear socks and you may prefer it yourself) and the light grip under a good pair of Pilates socks will ensue you feel more secure and is one less thing to worry about as you try to master your moves.

5. Your focus

The great thing about Pilates is that it requires focus and concentration in order to perform the exercises properly and get the most out of your class. It’s pretty impossible to let your mind wander too much, as you will no doubt forget to breathe correctly or concentrate on drawing up your pelvic floor! Immersing yourself in your class this way, is a great stress relief, as for one whole hour you will have not allowed yourself to think about anything going on, on the outside – a time to focus on just YOU and you alone!