How to Combat ‘Sleepless Night Face’

Life as a new mummy is wonderful. Sleepless nights however are the downside. Exhausted eyes and tired skin that come with those sleepless nights are what face me first thing in the morning in the mirror and confirm that a) I am indeed exhausted. And b) I’m getting a bit older every year. God damn it!

Throughout my pregnancy one of the things I missed the most (apart from Prosecco) was my most favoured anti-ageing specialist, Doctor Mark Holmes. Dr Holmes is a top specialist within his field and his less is more approach is a huge selling point for me. The frozen face look is quick becoming a thing of the past, as more and more women are realising that a subtle helping hand is not only more natural but also more attractive.

Personally, Dr Holmes has treated me for both Botox and fillers, both of which are done subtle enough not to notice that I’ve ‘had work done’ but noticeable enough to make a difference to the way I look and feel. Some people like to hide the fact that they have these procedures done, but I’m quite happy to be honest and say that I have a little treatment here and there to enhance my face and combat the signs of ageing. Yes, I may have a bags around my eyes, but having smooth skin, minus a few wrinkles (the effects of botox) is a small, but very much appreciated thing to wake up to after another sleepless night.

His new treatment Silhouette Soft is something I am keen to try in a few years’ time; a non-invasive procedure which gently lifts ‘sagging areas’ with the use of dissolvable threads inserted under the skin. Dubbed the facelift without surgery, the threads are gently pulled up to lift jowls and around the eyes, again promoting a subtle change that make the face look more youthful. The effects last up to around 18 months after which the threads dissolve.

Dr Mark Holmes is based in East Grinstead and Buckhurst Hill. For further information, head over to his website