How to get a peachy bum

1. Squat

The Glute muscles are the biggest set of muscles in the body, meaning that when you work them you are not only helping to keep them toned, but you are also burning more calories which results in weight loss. Squats are one of the best exercise to do to gain a peachy bum! And the good news is that we LOVE squat variation at Power Pilates UK! Make sure you are squatting low enough to get the most out of the exercise, just be sure to focus on your technique and alignment – if you’re not sure, ask!

2. Lift heavier weights

You may be happy cruising along with your 1kg dumbbells, but are you challenging yourself??! If you’re after a peachier bottom, then try holding heavier weights when performing leg exercises (as long as it doesn’t compromise your technique). By stepping up your weights you will challenge your leg and butt muscles more and improve your overall fitness.

3. Body brush

Dry body brushing encourages lymphatic drainage, which promotes a good clean lymphatic system. Why is this important? Well, if the lymphatic system is blocked then you are likely to suffer from unsightly cellulite, which is common for most women unfortunately! Invest in a natural bristle brush and start at the feet brushing upwards towards the heart. Pay particular attention to areas that have cellulite and also where the lymph nodes are: behind the knees, under the arm pits and in-between the breasts.

4. Eat clean – cut out processed foods

Again, if you want a smooth, beautiful cellulite free bottom then you gotta start with the basics, and that’s what you’re putting in your mouth. As well as sugar, try to cut out processed foods which are full of preservatives and additives, which in other words means toxins. Toxins are one of the main causes of cellulite. Instead focus on eating foods as close to their natural state as possible and try and cook your food from scratch so that you know what you’re eating with no hidden ingredients.

5. Drink water

And what do we need to flush out those toxins? Water of course! Water helps purifies the system and replenish muscles, so drink lots of it and it will all go towards that peachy tush!