The Christmas Countdown is on!

Summer may be over, but don’t despair, with a brand new season comes plenty of exciting things to look forward to, like the festive season for one! If you see Christmas time as a chance to cover up in your winter woollies and indulge in mince pies, then perhaps it’s time to change your attitude and set a few new goals? Imagine greeting friends and relatives that you haven’t seen all year looking and feeling your very best. Imagine entering the New Year with a spring in your step and not needing to go on a diet!

The good news is that with around twelve weeks to go until Christmas, there’s plenty of time to make a difference. So, how to do it?

I’m not a fan of extreme diets as I believe they often lead to failure. So instead, start by making a few small changes in your diet and lifestyle, which in turn will result in big changes by the end of the year.

  1. Up your protein intake and lower your carbohydrates. Protein keeps you fuller for longer and helps you avoid overeating. Stick to smaller portions complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa and only eat them during the day, not in your evening meal.
  2. Drink only water. If you drink lots of sugary drinks including fruit juice, this is a really easy way to immediately cut out a load of calories from your daily diet. Stick to water, herbal teas and limit your tea and coffee to just a couple a day. Oh and make sure you go for Americano rather than a higher calorie latte or cappuccino.
  3. Workout more. If you think that exercise is only 4% of your day, then there really is no excuse not to fit it in more often! One of the most common questions we get asked, is how many times a week do I need to come to class for it to make a difference? And the answer is very simple: the more you come, the more dramatic and the quicker you will see the results. I would say that 3-4 times a week is ideal with additional outside activities such as walking, running, or whatever floats your boat to keep you active. If this sounds like a lot to you, then you are simply not used to it. When you start exercising more, getting stronger and seeing results it becomes addictive and you will want to work out every day…believe me, it’s true!
  4. Cut out sugar. Sugar is the one most damaging substances that we can put into our body. End of. Not only does it make us fat, but it also is one of the main contributors towards many diseases such as diabetes and even cancer. It also causes premature ageing making us look older!
  5. Put a limit on Alcohol. Drinking will not only lead to weight gain and a bloated belly, but also leaves us feeling lethargic, sluggish and even depressed. I know for many it’s one of the most impossible substances to cut out completely, so simply put a limit on it. Don’t drink throughout the week or at home, keep drinking for special occasions only and stick to lower calorie drinks such as vodka, soda and fresh lime.