How to Stay Motivated and Committed to fitness

Well, it may feel like the summer is drawing to an end (actually it’s felt like that the entire month of August if you’ve been here!) and it’s perfectly normal to feel slightly blue at the prospect of back to work and colder months ahead. So, it’s more important than ever to keep your spirits high and not allow yourself to wallow in post summer sadness! 

Keeping fit and healthy by throwing yourself back into your fitness routine, will not only give you more energy and make you feel happier, with the release of those happy hormones and all….but it will also give you a focus and help you get back into a good routine. 

Top Tips to get there

1. Set yourself a goal. Do you want to lose a few pounds to feel fabulous in time for the festive season? Or how about signing yourself and a friend up to charity race and work towards improving your overall fitness whilst raising money for a good cause? 

2. Commit. Sign up, choose your package and book your classes in in advance. By making an advanced commitment to yourself you are more likely to stay on track. Put the dates of your classes in your diary and stick to them like you would a social date. Remember this is an important date with yourself, so treat it like that and don’t let any other things that may crop up interfere. 

3. Grab a mate. Working out with a friend or maybe your partner, will give you even more motivation to stay on track as you won’t want to let each other down, plus you can make it a social event with dinner after. Just make sure you chose your workout buddy wisely! 

4. Be organised. If you’re coming to our early morning classes or evening classes, then make sure you pack your workout bag the night before, so that you’re ready to go! 

5. Don’t think, just Do. Yes there will be days when we have the sniffles or we just don’t feel like it. So unless you truly are under the weather, don’t give yourself time to make excuses, set yourself in automatic pilot mode and just get yourself to the studio. Once you’re lying on the reformer, we’ll make you do the rest!