The 6 month countdown to the perfect wedding look

Get Jennifer Anniston’s Wedding Glow with Perfect7’s top pre-wedding tips!

Jennifer Anniston has regularly said that her youthful looks are owed to her high intake of omega-3, an ingredient that is found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel. Omega-3 can also be taken as a supplement such as cod liver oil, or Seven Seas’ new beauty supplement – Perfect7 Woman.
During the 6 month countdown to your big day, you’ll be starting to think about all of the ways your can look your best self. It’s time to start prepping and primping to achieve the perfect bridal glow and gorgeous hair – just like Jen.
The Perfect7 experts have pulled together their top tips to help you look the healthiest and most radiant that you’ve ever been. Not only will your hair, nails, skin and body LOOK as good as our favourite Friend’s star, but you will be feeling your best as well.

6 months – join the gym or start a fitness class

Planning a wedding is exercise in itself, but joining a gym or starting a regular class will not only help you to tone up for your special day, but it will also give you some well-deserved endorphins that will help you to stay positive and happy during what can be a stressful time.
“Your body loves movement so whether that’s a quick run in the morning or even something fun and active like a hula hooping class, your body will really love you for it” Personal Trainer Chris Zaremba says.

4 months – ditch the ‘diet’

At this point, you should start to think about your dietary habits, and making a few small but effective changes to the way to eat.
Fad diets and crash diets tend to be a temporary solution that will of course help you to shed some weight, but they’re not always very good for your immune system and often end up making you feel tired, which is not what you want when planning a wedding.
Introducing a few small changes such as switching out pasta and potatoes for quinoa will help you achieve your long-term goal – so you can look fab on your honeymoon too! Just be sensible and remember to love your body and think about what you’re putting into it.
Introducing more oily fish into your diet will help you in so many ways. “Omega-3 can't be made in the body so need to be supplied in the diet. There is mounting evidence that omega-3 can help with mood swings and depression as well as skin, hair and nails. If you don't like oily fish, try eating walnuts, flaxseeds/ linseeds chia seeds, flaxseed oil and rapeseed oil or take an omega-3 supplement such as Perfect7 Woman – put a couple of packs in your bathroom cabinet and take them each morning” says Dietician Helen Bond.

2 months – care for your hair

You might think that hair and make-up is something you can organise on the day of your wedding, but think ahead - now is the time to start preparing your hair for all that blow drying and styling.
Use coconut oil on your hair every night for silky results. Also take a supplement containing Biotin, a mineral that can help the cells in your hair repair, for long luscious locks.
Also, plan ahead and book your hair and make-up artist now to avoid any last minute stress. Get their email address and feel no shame in sending them over and hair-spiration along the way.

1 month – nail it!

There is nothing worse than chipping nails when you want a close up of that ring! "Put a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic into your base coat. Apply 3 times a week to natural nails for a chip fix. It strengthens nails really well (some people claim it also helps them grow faster).
A supplement containing zinc is also great for building up nail strength” celebrity nail technician Lucy Tucker says.

2 weeks – get your face in shape

It isn’t just about your make-up looking fabulous on your wedding day; your skin is just as important. “I’d recommend any products that contain vitamin C or clay. They are great for anti-ageing and detoxifying skin ahead of your wedding day” says celebrity facialist Nuz Shugaa.
If you really want to tone your face ready for your close up, why not try ‘face yoga’. Do it every night to help with skin elasticity. It’s a great chance to get some me time in as well.

2 days – top up the tan

Your day is just around the corner. You’re bound to have a beautiful natural glow by now but if you’re thinking about having a spray tan as well – now it the time to do it.
Make sure you’re booked in to get your tan at least 48 hours ahead of your wedding to allow enough time for development and also for you to rinse off the top coat. There is nothing worse than brown marks on the most important dress you’ll ever own!
Once you’ve showered and are left looking like you’ve just come back from ‘St Tropez’, apply plenty of moisturiser to keep your tan for longer, giving you a head start on your honeymoon.

1 day – avoid a hair scare

“Rose water with equal parts of Witch Hazel, which has very astringent properties, will give any pre-bridal weave a refreshing lift” hints renowned Trichologist Madeleine Preston.
“Try washing with this the night before your wedding day so your hair is ready to take the heat.”


By now you will be looking and feeling your radiant best. You’ve booked yourself a hair and make-up artist well in advance so there is nothing left to worry about. Sit back and relax while someone makes you look beautiful and enjoy your life as Mr and Mrs!

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