How to avoid the Holiday weight gain

So you know how the story goes: you spend weeks working your butt off in class, are meticulous about every mouthful and have even devoted yourself to a daily body brushing ritual, only to undo all your good work, with a week of sun, sea and sangria!
Sure, summer holidays are to be enjoyed and I am all for letting my hair down and having a good time, we all deserve a break from work and time to relax. But, what a shame to put all that hard work to waste with one week of over indulgence and lack of exercise?
So if you’re one of many who return from their holiday feeling more like a beached whale than a sun-kissed beach babe, then maybe a few healthy holiday tips wouldn’t go a miss…..

Eat Mediterranean Style  

Summer eating should be light, fresh and healthy, but too many helpings from the bread basket and ice creams after dinner will amount to several extra unwanted pounds on the scales on your return. Fresh Mediterranean dishes are delicious, because they make the most of local, fresh produce, so there’s no need to feel that you are missing out. When by the sea, indulge in the wonderful seafood’s on offer and the tasty fresh salads and veg.
As always there are a plenty of healthy swaps that you could make:
- Instead of buttery croissants for breakfast, opt for fresh exotic fruits with yoghurt, smoked salmon and eggs.
- Opt tomato sauces rather than creamy sauces.
- Avoid pizza and pasta dishes which high carbohydrate content will leave you bloated, instead choose a fish or meat dish with plenty of fresh veg or salad.
- Skip desserts and go for a fresh mint tea to aid digestion
- Avoid the bread basket at dinner. We don’t normally eat bread with meals on a daily basis, so adding this in every day will soon clock up your calorie content. Make sure you don’t arrive starving to the dinner table and risk temptation.
- Avoid snacking in between meals, especially with high fat and sugary snacks that you wouldn’t normally eat at home. Opt for a handful of nuts over crisps which will at least offer nutritional content, just remember that nuts are very high in fat and the ones coated in sugar and salt do not count as healthy snacks!
- Go easy on the ice cream! Everyone tends to gorge on ice cream on holiday. Just remember 2 scoop of ice cream contains around 500 calories. Instead choose fresh fruit or an ice lolly.
Remember, being in another country is a big temptation to try all the different foods on offer and there’s no need to miss out, just choose wisely and remember you don’t have to eat everything in sight!


Now, I’m not going to tell you to avoid alcohol, because you know as well as I do that this simply isn’t going to happen! What I would advise, is that you try to avoid drinking during the day (where possible) and limit yourself to just one alcoholic drink over dinner, just to keep alcohol consumption down slightly.
The lowest calorie drink is vodka, soda water and fresh lime and mint, so if you really are conscious of overloading on the sugar then stick with this summer goodie! Or how about a gin and slimline tonic with fresh cucumber and strawberries? Adding slices of fresh fruit will liven up your drink and hopefully help you avoid more sugary alternatives.
Drinking plenty of water goes without saying. Avoid all fizzy, sugary drinks on the beach and take a big bottle of iced water with you to sip throughout the day. It’s so important to stay hydrated in the sun and drinking water will avoid overdoing the empty calorie sugary drinks. Just remember each can of fizzy drink contains around 10 teaspoons of sugar! 

Keep moving!

Lazing on the beach may be your idea of holiday heaven, but if you start your day with some kind of activity then you can enjoy a lazy afternoon on the beach guilt free!
Find a hotel with a gym or somewhere that offers fitness classes, so that you can squeeze in a few morning sessions throughout your stay.
If the gym is not your thing, then pop your trainers on and go for a long brisk walk, bike ride or run along the beach.
Just half an hour to an hour a day, building up a sweat and getting the heart rate going will not only get your day off to a good start, but it will also help burn off a few calories, keep you toned and looking good in your beach attire and motivate you to make healthier food choices throughout your holiday too.