Pearly Whites

When I saw Taylor Swift recently in a picture with pouty red lips and perfect pearly whites, I decided I need to regain my sparkling smile! I’ve had my teeth whitened before and was very happy with the results, but over time they do start to lose their brightness. The problem with teeth whitening is that it can be expensive and time consuming. So, I found a couple of options which were definitely less pain (no sensitivity which can be common) and more gain!

The Home Kit

As I wanted to try each product separately my son Liam happily volunteered to try the home kit iWhite. Armed with two packets of pre-packed gum shields filled with whitening gel and a whitening toothpaste, he was instructed to wear a gum shield for just 20 minutes for just five consecutive days as well as using the tooth paste. The great thing is that iWhite is peroxide free, using a calcium based technology to strengthen teeth rather than peroxide which can be damaging. I’ve tried myself quite a few whitening toothpastes over the years and am always a little dubious about home kits, but I have to say that combined with the gel shield the results were really quite good. Easy enough to use, one size to fit all and the bonus of only having to wear the shield for 20 minute. At a mere £25 it’s definitely worth the investment and Liam was happy!

The Mobile Dentist

I’d never heard of a mobile dentist before, but was happy with the convenience of being visited in my own home rather than making the journey into town. The lovely Danielle from Diamond White showed up fully armed with her mobile kit and got straight to work, as I lay on my sofa! The process was a lot quicker than I expected and totally fuss free. I was handed a sponge brush to clean my teeth and then was asked to insert a gel filled gum shield and make myself comfortable. Danielle positioned her mobile lamp across my mouth whilst I relaxed for 20 minutes. The shield was removed after the first 20 minutes and the process was then repeated. And that was it, job done. Diamond White also use non peroxide whitening products and is apparently favoured by many of the TOWIE stars. (Although I made sure to mention that I wasn’t after a Joey Essex pair of gnashers (!) to which I was reassured that Diamond White only takes you to the most natural tooth colour possible and not beyond.) I was really surprised at how much whiter they were, I’d in fact gone up four shades. Danielle recommends that teeth are treated once every four – six months and at just £89.99 it’s well affordable.
Diamond White are also offering 10% off their treatments. If you are London based call Danielle on 07921956842 to arrange an appointment. Otherwise call 020 72062627.