Using Heavier Weights Can Help You Reach Your Goals!

For those of you who have been coming to class for a little while now, you will have no doubt familiarised yourself with our beloved reformer machines fairly well! You may even be feeling like you could perhaps push yourself that bit harder...but how? By reaching for the heavier weights, that's how! 
By all means, if you feel that using heavier weights would compromise your alignment or aggravate any injuries, then please stick with the lighter weights. However, it's very easy to stick within our comfort zone where we can easily begin to plateau. So, here are some encouraging reasons to reach for the heavier weights! 

  • Lifting heavier weights requires more energy, therefore you will be burning more calories.
  • Training with heavier weights forces your body into naturally releasing more human growth hormone (HGH). Not only will HGH increase lean muscle but will result in firmer skin.
  • Having more lean muscle will lead to a higher resting metabolism, basically your body will burn more calories as you rest.
  • Strengthen your core: once you have re-established the mind body connection with your core stabilisers, you can use heavier weights to significantly alter your centre of gravity. Holding a weight out to the side will orientate your centre of gravity to that side, and so the muscles supporting your spine will have to work to avoid you falling that way.