How to avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Whilst I’m all for living by the 80/20 rule (80% healthy lifestyle 20% indulgent) December seems to be the one month of the year when the percentage flips the opposite way around! And yes, I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t enjoy ourselves, but go too over the top and you will most probably be regretful come January. 

Here are Five Top Tips to keep Christmas weight gain to a minimum:

1. Don’t feel you have to ‘treat’ yourself at every single Christmas event/party/gathering. Save your treat days for the special days such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The rest of the time stick to your normal diet. 

2. Avoid pastry based canapes, these are obviously high in fat and carbohydrates and are the most calorific. Instead try sticking to meat and veggie options. 

3. Avoid creamy liquors and sugary cocktails which have a huge calorie content. Instead try sticking to a single vodka/gin with either soda water or slim line tonic water and fresh lime where possible, as these are a couple of the lowest calorie drinks. Or a glass of champagne has just 91 calories which is considerably less than a large glass of wine. 

4. Keep active! Go for a family walk Christmas day to walk off some of the huge roast before slumping in front of the TV with the Celebration chocolates for the rest of the afternoon/evening! Head to the ice rink (Somerset House/The Natural History Museum etc) over the holidays to arrange a festive day that doesn’t involve food. And don’t forget we have classes running over the festive period too! 

5. Stop when you’re full! Over indulging is what we do best at Christmas, but nine times out of ten it’s more a case of eating for the sake of it, because it’s there and because it’s Christmas, rather than the fact that we are actually enjoying it! Take a breath before you reach for the third mince pie and ask yourself if you really want it?


1 mince pie contains around 289 calories and 11g of fat

1 turkey dinner with all the trimmings contains around whopping 3000 calories and 90grams of fat! 

1 mini sausage roll contains around 54 calories and 3.7g fat

1 Egg nog contains around 344 calories and 19grams of fat 

10 average assorted chocolates contain around 700 calories and 25 grams of fat