Want to Lose Weight Fast?

OK, so Christmas is over, you’ve overindulged, your jeans are fitting rather too snugly for your liking and you are feeling well, just a little blerrrhh. Never the less you are determined to lose weight for good this time! And with your new fad diet book firmly tucked under your arm, you’re definitely set to lose at least a stone in the first week, right? 

Erm, well possibly, but probably not. 

Sure, we all want a quick fix, that’s what we are programmed to want these days. But dieting and restricting yourself to a low calorie diet, expecting to lose a shed load of weight in a rapid time frame will not only zap you of your energy levels, unable to work out, leave you feeling miserable, irritable and reaching for the left over mince pies in no time! 

The answer is that losing weight fast does not work. You probably don’t want to hear this, but you have most probably heard it before, so are not that surprised. The only answer to permanent weight loss is slowly, gradually, over time. 

Not only does your body take time to lose real weight rather than just water retention, but it’s also about educating yourself about food and a healthy diet. Learning what to eat to keep the weight off for good is the fundamental part of successful weight loss. The word ‘diet’ shouldn’t really come into it, as this is about making life changes for good rather than embarking on a short sharp fix for a few weeks until the weight drops off and then returning to your normal eating where you will regain the weight in no time. 

My advice for permeant weight loss? Take it slow! 

  • Educate yourself about healthy eating and learn to love eating this way. 
  • Treat yourself occasionally, as cutting out all treats will only lead to failure. 
  • Fall in love with fitness, so much so that your body craves and needs it! If you are not used to exercising then start slowly, going for long walks, taking a class once a week to start with and then build yourself up gradually. 

Be prepared to be patient with yourself and your progress and with this mind frame you are more likely to succeed.