My Pregnancy Diet so Far

When I found out I was pregnant, one of my first vows was to have a fit and healthy pregnancy and be one of those enviable, glowing mums who work out each day, drink smoothies for breakfast and proudly display a neat bump whilst maintaining a pert little bottom. 

Well, for the first two weeks I ate like a goddess: not an ounce of sugar, refined carbohydrate or saturated fat passed my lips. And then I started to feel pregnant. Really pregnant. Even though I was one of those lucky preggos who didn’t actually physically vomit every twenty five minutes (I didn’t vomit once actually) I did, however feel pretty queasy, pretty much most of the time. To the point where I couldn’t wear perfume and even the over powering smell of washing detergent made me want to gag. So, inevitably my good intentions went down the pan. So much for that pert little bottom. 

My diet and taste in food dramatically changed during the first trimester of pregnancy. I’m usually a pretty healthy eater who regularly promotes a refined carbohydrate free diet, opting more for high protein and fresh veg kinda gal….but not anymore. Instead, I found myself sneaking around the supermarket (in case I bumped into any of my clients, who I religiously advise to steer well clear of bread and other such baddies!) stashing anything from muffins to tagliatelli into my basket.

I even went for dinner at Goodmans; our favourite steak restaurant, which left me pushing my thirty-seven-pound-a-pop-piece-of -steak around my plate and reaching for the bread basket instead. In fact, I have pretty much turned veggie during this pregnancy, not that that’s a bad thing. 

It’s funny how your body tells you what it wants and what it most certainly doesn’t! OK, so not all of it was healthy, in fact I’d say 70% of it wasn’t that healthy for a couple of months, but I ate what I fancied and what I could stomach. At times I’d beat myself up about eating badly, but then I decided to relax a little and go with it to a certain extent. 

Since the joys of my first trimester have ended (thank god) so have my cravings for pasta and dunkin doughnuts. I would say that I now eat a pretty balanced, healthy diet 80% of the time, with still a few more naughty treats than I would normally allow myself. But at least my baby is getting a variety of good nutritious foods and the rest (I guess) is heading for my not-so-pert bottom.