Beat the Bloat

No doubt at this point during the Christmas holidays you’re feeling a little bloated and possibly not your best? Well, I’m pretty sure you’re not alone! There may be more eating and drinking to come, but in the interim, it’s important to give your body and digestive system a break, otherwise you’ll enter 2016 feeling worse that that stuffed turkey you had for your Christmas dinner! 

So, with that in mind here are some top tips to beat the bloat this festive season: 

Drink Water

When you are feeling bloated and full, drinking things such as soft drinks may make it worse. Water helps to restore balance in your body and help it to run smoothly again, which is exactly what you need after eating fatty and sugary foods. The gas in fizzy drinks can make you feel more bloated and uncomfortable. Keep a drink bottle with you at all times makes it easier to remember to keep your fluids up!

Give Ginger a Go!

Ginger is a great for soothing your stomach. It’s best to buy fresh ginger so you can reap its full benefits, such as easing your stomach when it’s feeling a little upset. It can have quite a strong taste if you aren’t used to it. Try grating some into a glass of hot water with some freshly squeezed lemon or honey to dilute the taste a little. It also tastes amazing added to juices & smoothies!

Stay Away from Salt

If you are feeling uncomfortable and bloated from the day before, it could be because you have consumed too many foods high in salt. Salt can cause your body to hold on to excess water and may give you that puffy, bloated feeling. The best way to de-bloat is too stay away from foods that are high in salt, and give your body a chance to let go of all that excess water.

Pop a Probiotic

Probiotics can help to reduce bloating by restoring the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. You can find probiotics in food sources such as natural yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and other pickled foods. Alternatively you can take a supplement, however remember to check the ingredients for any sugars or additives.

Add Asparagus to Your Meal

Asparagus is rich in potassium, which can help regulate the fluid balance in your body and counteract all of the salt you may have consumed that has made you feel bloated. Chop some up and sauté with a little olive oil or add it to your breakfast omelette!


If you are feeling bloated and puffy, the most important thing to remember is you need to eat! Skipping meals will only cause your blood sugar to drop and make you irritable, and may even cause you to overeat later that day. Lastly, don't be too hard on yourself and feel guilty if you have overindulged and strayed off the healthy track. Focus on helping yourself feel better.