Why Low Impact is the New High

We've all spent time sweating away profusely on a treadmill, or opting into the latest high intensity crazed workout! More often than not it fizzles out with little results achieved or worse still, ends in injury. 
Yes, the buzz gained from an intense workout is admittedly addictive. But when injuries occur from such strenuous, gruelling work outs, surely you have to question whether it's all worth it? 
Did you know that running, for example, can put a huge amount of pressure on joints, cause muscle loss and even slow your metabolic rate down? Probably not what you want to hear if you are a keen runner. But if you are prone to hobbling around every now and then from an ankle injury or can't walk up the stairs without your knees creaking, then you may want to think twice about pounding the streets before you do yourself any more damage.
Pilates has long been hailed the intelligent approach to fitness, and the good news is, that even though Dynamic Reformer Pilates is what would be considered as a low impact form of exercise (which means no heavy pounding, or intense pressure on joints) as many of you know, you can still build up a good sweat, burn a good few calories and release those feel good endorphins!   
Plus, it's been proven from previous case studies I have worked with (and having seen the results on my own body) that by taking regular classes and following a healthy eating plan, you can lose around half a stone in a month as well as a good amount of inches too! 
By working with your own body weight, as well as incorporating hand held weights, along with the resistance of the reformer, Dynamic Reformer Pilates streamlines the entire body and will work muscles you never knew existed. It especially helps to target suborn areas such as lower abs, the waist, inner thighs and those dreaded bingo wings! In fact, you will notice an overall tone to your body, as there are no areas that will go untouched.
The key to achieving these results is consistency. Three to fives times a week (depending on what other exercise you do) is the number of times you should be aiming for. Which may sound like a lot to some of you, but once you start fitting exercise into your life on a more consistent basis and start reaping the rewards, you will soon become addicted, believe me! Ask yourself this, how much do you want it?