The 10 Top Tips for a Happy & Healthy New Year

Now that all the festivities are done, it's time to start making 2015 a year to be proud of and we are here to help! Remember you're health and fitness should be a priority, as being on top form is of utmost importance for a successful year ahead. 

So to help you set your goals, we'll be supporting you over the next couple of months with plenty of ideas and motivation. We'll be going over these in more detail in the weeks to come, but to start with, here are our 10 TOP TIPS for a Happy and Healthy 2015:

1. Ditch the diet - diets don't work, as they leave us feeling deprived and depressed! Make healthy eating for life your goal.

2.Change your attitude - it's a famous quote 'whether you think you can or you can't, you are right' 

3. Listen to your body - Learn to understand what your body needs and what it craves. Sweets and doughnuts are never what it's really asking for! 

4. Sleep more - sleep deprivation is one of the top reasons to put people off track when it comes to healthy eating and exercise. So make sure you get to bed early as often as you can.

5. Stay focused - easier said than done, but if you have support of a group or friends, it's easier. Keep giving yourself little daily reminders of why you want change, until it becomes second nature. 

6. Be more active every day - we hear it all the time, but walking more rather than taking the car or bus, even doing a 'plank' at the beginning and end of the day all counts! 

7. Plan ahead - if you schedule your fitness regime at the beginning of the week and work out when you are going to have time to fit it in, you are more likely to stick to it. Simple.

8. Be calm - stress leads to weight gain, as well as illness.Taking magnesium and vitamin B can help reduce stress as can regular exercise!

9. Put less toxins in your body - ditch the take away foods, ready meals and anything processed and learn to cook simple meals from scratch. Oh and drink less alcohol and caffeine too! 

10. Laugh more - taking life too seriously doesn't get anybody anywhere. Learn to take time out, let your hair down and laugh a lot:)


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