5 best ways to make New Year Resolutions last longer than January

According to the Daily Mail, most people who have made New Year Resolutions have already given them up by now! So, if your good intentions of getting fit and healthy are already on the slippery slope to failure, then you are certainly not alone. 
However, this is not encouragement to give up, but more a friendly kick up the back side to remind you of why you set yourself goals in the first place. 
Here are a few top tips to keep on track and not become a Daily Mail statistic! 

1. Set realistic Goals. 

The first thing you need to establish is why you set your goal? Ask yourself the reasons and write them down. By writing them down you are being specific and making yourself think clearly about what it is that you would like to achieve which is important. Breaking your goals down month by month is also a good way of sticking with it. If you set yourself a goal to achieve within six months, then that's too far away to get excited! Setting goals to reach by the end of the month, with the promise of a treat such as a new outfit or weekend away, is a sense of more instant gratification! 

2. Make your goals realistic. 

If you set the bar too high, you are setting yourself up for a fall. Work out what is a realistic amount of times to work out per week around your lifestyle and you are more likely to stick to it. This doesn't mean talking yourself down to just two measly hours a week, remember if you want change then you have to be prepared to make changes, just make sure that they are achievable. 

3. Find yourself a work out buddy. 

If your resolutions have started to fade, then no doubt your mates will have too. Rope them in to at least one of your work out sessions a week and make it a social event, with the promise of a healthy lunch or shopping after. You are more likely to stick to your schedule knowing that you would be letting someone down if you decide not to go. Just make sure you chose a friend who isn't prone to bailing out!

4. Plan your schedule in advance. 

If you book into class and make the commitment at the beginning of the week, then you are more likely to stick to it. Remember, keeping your fitness appointments are just as important as keeping your dentist appointments, meetings at work and social dates in the diary, if you want to reach your fitness goals in 2015. 

5. Make it a habit. 

It takes four weeks to make and break a habit, once you have passed this time you will find it easier to get up and go without thinking about it. One of the best things about going to a class, is that once you are there, you don't have to motivate yourself like at a gym, that's the instructors job. Your job is to just follow the instructions! 

6. Eat well. 

If you are working hard, but eating rubbish, then not only are you less likely to want to don a tight fitting T shirt to work out in, but you are going to be less motivated by the minimum results achieved. Think of your body like a top of the range sports car. If you fuelled it with anything other than good quality petrol, would you expect it to perform at it's best? Of course not. The same goes with how you chose to fuel your body. Select foods that are going to give you energy and goodness, allowing you to work to your best ability in class. 

Korin x

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