3 Ways To Help You Get A Good Nights Sleep

For those of you who struggle with getting a good nights sleep, you will be able to relate with the feeling of being continually exhausted, which in itself can become, well, rather exhausting! 
A good night sleep is essential to general well-being, as we all know. And if you are trying to get fitter, shed weight and become healthier, then it's even more important to be on top form, in order not to succumb to sweet sugary snacks and miss your Power Pilates session!  
Of course if you suffer from insomnia then, I'm not going to patronisingly tell you, that you just need to relax and go to bed early (believe me I understand it isn't that simple!). But here are a few things that may possibly help:
1. Magnesium helps us relax, feel calmer and sleep better. You can take it in liquid form, I like Floradix Magnesium Liquid Formula or you can include magnesium rich foods in your diet. Apparently (recommend by our lovely client Zoe) two kiwi fruits and a handful of almonds before bed will help you drift off. She also recommends epsom salts in your bath, which are a good source of magnesium. Plus they aid water retention and reduce the appearance of cellulite too. Double whammy! 
2. Disconnect from technology. We all know it, but we still do it! TV's in bedrooms are a no no if you want a good nights sleep, as is playing on your phone, surfing the net and computer games. Try reading before bed instead to switch off the mind. 
3. Mediate. There are numerous guided meditation apps available for sleep, although you don't necessarily need a 'sleep' app to help you relax. You could try Headspace' which seems to be a popular one, or a law of attraction app and help bring more positive things into your life, whilst allowing you to deeply relax and prepare yourself for a goods night sleep. 

Sweet Dreams :)