How To Lose Weight By Thinking About Food Differently

When looking to change our bodies, the first thing to look at changing is our mindset and the way we think about food. Rather than focusing on the foods that you can't have start to change the way you think and focus more positively about the abundance of foods that you can eat!  
Here's a few things to think about today: 
For a long time now carbs have been the no no food for anyone wanting to cut weight. And even though I agree that white refined carbohydrates are pretty useless in terms of nutrition and do cause weight gain when eaten regularly, there are still a decent amount of good carbohydrates that we all should be consuming on a daily basis. 
First of all, swap your usual pasta, bread, white rice and white potatoes for these goodies and you will soon notice a difference: 
Sweet Potato 
Brown short grain rice and brown basmati rice 
One of my favourite food swaps is my millet mash! Simply mash together cooked millet and cauliflower with a little butter and season well. You can use to top Fish Pie or Shepherd Pie for a healthy, lighter alternative to starchy mash potato. I also like to do the same with sweet potato. 
You can't switch on the news or open a paper this month without hearing the words 'sugar free' so you may have heard this several times already! Sugar is highly addictive and unfortunately in a lot of the everyday foods we eat. The best way to avoid a high sugar diet, is to cook your meals from scratch so you know what's going in your mouth. 
Don't be fooled by the so called 'diet' and 'low fat' options on the market. These are usually the worse culprits! Even smoothies are usually filled with added sugar and fruit itself is high in natural sugar too. Instead chose veggie juices and vegetables over fruit, which has all the goodness, minus the sugar. The key to remember is that if it tastes sweet, then it has sugar in it! And if it's not sugar then it's artificial, which in my opinion is worse. 
To curb a sweet tooth, make sure you don't skip meals (fill up on those slow releasing carbs above) so that you avoid the temptation to snack in between meals. And if you need something sweet, then go for berries with Greek yoghurt and a little honey or a few squares of organic 70% cocoa dark chocolate with a cup of tea. 
Fat is not the enemy! Yes, we know saturated fats like butter and fatty meats should be limited, but the good fats found in oily fish, nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil actually help to break down bad fat. They also help to fill us up, plus they are full of flavour and certainly make meals taste good, so make sure you include them in your diet on a daily basis. 
Last of all, if you think healthy eating is bland, boring and tasteless then you are doing something wrong! Invest in a new cook book, add flavour to your foods with spices and herbs and get creative in the kitchen!