Dynamic Reformer Pilates Teacher Training
Program 1 -  Beginner/Intermediate Level

All students must successfully complete and pass this program first before applying for any other of our programs offered.
This program aims to provide already qualified Pilates trainers the opportunity to further their teaching knowledge and skills and will enable them to teach Beginner/Intermediate Dynamic Reformer Pilates to a group class.
The program is officially recognised by awarding body Active IQ and students will be provided with a certificate on full completion of the course, which includes passing our practical and written assessment.
This program will NOT provide learners with an official teaching qualification, but it will enable them to teach Dynamic Reformer Pilates.

What are the prerequisites?

Learners must already hold a recognisable teaching qualification in mat work Pilates. Reformer qualifications and experience are advantageous.
PT qualifications and experience teaching group classes are also a huge bonus but not essential. 
We strongly recommended that learners attend as many Dynamic (or classical if not possible) 
Reformer Pilates classes as possible before commencing the program.
Due to the program being mainly practical, it is important that learners have a good level of physical fitness themselves.

What will the program cover? 

A structured week of learning with Director of PPUK Korin Nolan and Head Trainer Jaclyn Liang
- Observe and take part in Power Pilates UK classes
- Learn our dynamic reformer repertoire to teach to both beginner and intermediate levels
- Learn how to correct common corrections
- Learn progressions and regressions of exercises
- Learn how to structure and plan a class
- How to use your voice correctly to capture the style
- Teach fellow students and PPUK clients to practice your teaching skills and style
- How to plan for the assessment
- The assessment


A written 55 minute class plan for intermediate clients
To teach a half an hour group class to intermediate clients
A certificate will be provided by PPUK with Active IQ approval on successful completion. 

Upcoming dates:

Teacher training programs available on request. Please email korin@powerpilatesuk.com to express initial interest.


Fees start at £800 per person based on six people per program. Pricing varies depending on how many people per training program. 




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