Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Programs

Are you looking to further your Pilates career and learn a new style of training that you can add to your skillset? Do you want to expand your knowledge, learn a different take on Pilates and refresh your teaching style? Are you searching for a new challenge? If you are a qualified Pilates instructor, our Dynamic Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Programs could be just what you are looking for.

At Power Pilates UK our Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Programs are designed to train qualified Pilates teachers, in a new invigorating style. Our certified Programs are officially approved by awarding body Active IQ and offer students an officially recognised comprehensive teacher training

You do not need to be reformer trained to partake in our programs, we will teach you the basics of Dynamic Reformer Pilates, with our Beginner/Intermediate Program to exploring more advanced exercises with our advanced teacher training program: it is our goal to teach you all that you need to know. We also offer shorter, specialised programs such as HIIT Pilates and Cardio Bounce, to encompass a wider range of what Dynamic Reformer Pilates has to offer. Thus giving you the chance to be able to teach a variety of levels and styles to your students.

All our reformer Pilates programs are taught from our studio in Beckenham, south East London just twenty minutes from central London, making it the ideal location to study. We are based within a popular yoga studio with beautiful, relaxed surroundings and full amenities. If you are travelling from further afield, then you will find an array of local B&B’s, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops all within walking distance from our studio.

Whether you are looking to work within an existing studio, hold your own classes or set up your own business, we can help you reach those goals. There is even the opportunity for our teacher trainers to open their own Power Pilates UK franchise.

Take a look at our programs here:


Program 1 -  Beginner/Intermediate Level

Program 2 - Advanced Level

Program 3 - Cardio Bounce

Program 4 - HIIT