What Is Dynamic Reformer Pilates?

Derived from LA, Dynamic Reformer Pilates has taken London by storm over the last ten years. The concept of Classical Reformer Pilates fused with traditional style exercises with the addition of weights, makes this innovative style a challenging, invigorating class for all levels and abilities.

Although Dynamic Reformer Pilates takes influence from other styles of fitness and moves at a quicker pace, it should still maintain the main principals of Pilates throughout. Unlike more classical reformer Pilates, Dynamic Reformer Pilates may give more challenging spring options and aims to work muscles to fatigue whilst still maintaining correct alignment and technique.

This energised class is performed to upbeat music but demonstrates controlled movements that challenge and change the entire body.

The exciting thing about Dynamic Reformer Pilates is that fantastic results can be achieved in a very short space of time, which is rewarding for both clients and instructors! If done regularly, clients will see a huge improvement in strength, ability, technique, tone, flexibility and weight loss.

Although not for the faint hearted, classes can cater for all ages and abilities, as we always offer beginner classes which take the client through the basics of how to use the machine and how to do the exercises properly. So even if a client has never done any Pilates before, they can still take part.

At Power Pilates UK we offer both beginner and Standard Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes. Our Standard classes are for intermediate and advanced clients giving them different spring options to make exercises easier or harder. In many cases we modify the exercise as well, giving easier and harder options so that one class can suit a range of abilities. Classes should be kept small (we recommend no more than ten people per class) to allow for individual attention and correction.

As well as Beginner and Standard classes we also offer two other style classes; HIIT Pilates and Cardio Bounce:

HIIT Pilates is most certainly less Pilates based and is more of a highly results driven workout. A combination of HIIT exercises (High Intensity Interval Training performed off the reformer) and Reformer Pilates. (Low Intensity) The continuous switch from high intensity to low intensity, keeps  the body alert throughout and in full fat burning zone. This class builds fitness levels and strength and can see dramatic weight loss results.

Cardio Bounce uses the Cardio Tramp (or jump board) a mini trampoline attached to the front of the reformer, which the client uses to bounce off whilst usually laying down on the reformer. This class gets the heart rate pumping and is especially a challenging workout for the legs and abdominals.

Sections of various ‘jumps’ are interspersed throughout the class between exercises that we would do in our standard classes. This fun, energised class is a new and engaging way of targeting different muscle groups and building up more cardio strength for clients.

One of the main things our clients love about our classes, is that there are such a vast amount of exercises, so no two classes are ever the same; they never become dull, predictable or boring.

Trainers are encouraged to source new material and find new ways of making their classes creative, exciting and challenging.