Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Instructors

Korin Nolan

Founder of Power Pilates UK, Korin Nolan has over 16 years’ experience in Pilates training. Her Pilates training started at The London College of Dance, Middlesex University where she gained a BA Hons in Dance. In 2004 she completed her Pilates teacher training with Body Control Pilates and taught mat- work Pilates for around ten years in numerous gyms and health clubs as well as London’s infamous Danceworks. Her passion for Dynamic Reformer Pilates started when she trained and taught at London’s first Dynamic Reformer Studio Bootcamp Pilates. Discovering the remarkable results of this training on her own body as well as her clients, she also developed her own style and ethos more prominently. After teaching there for three years, she decided to open her own studio in Beckenham where she lives. Whilst training up new trainers to teach in her own studio, she recognised a lack of official training providers for Dynamic Reformer Pilates, which prompted her to produce one of the first officially recognised Dynamic Reformer Pilates Teacher Training programs in the UK.

Korin is passionate about the benefits and dramatic transformations that can be achieved by this style of Pilates training. Her years of experience allow her to translate clearly to her students how to get the perfect balance of Dynamic training whilst maintaining the main principals of the Pilates technique. Her friendly, approachable manner also make our programs an easy and enjoyable learning experience.

Jaclyn Lang

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jaclyn has a diverse interest, knowledge and expertise when it comes to fitness. After deciding that sitting behind a desk in a nine to five job wasn’t her thing, Jaclyn went on to train to be a fitness professional and is highly qualified across the board in many different areas, including personal trainer, kettle bells, ViPR and Stott Pilates. She is also a nutritional advisor. 

Jaclyn who also started as a Dynamic Reformer Pilates teacher at Bootcamp Pilates, went on to join Power Pilates UK when Korin first opened her studio in 2014. She now teaches in various studios across London and continues to be inspired and enthused by many different fitness techniques. Finding new and interesting ways to work out on the reformer machine, Jaclyn’s classes are continuously challenging results driven.

Both Korin and Jaclyn’s style vary somewhat, offering our students a diverse learning opportunity with wealth of knowledge and expertise.