Reformer Pilates Teacher Training FAQ’s

What are the prerequisites before enrolment?

To enrol on our Beginner/Intermediate reformer Pilates teacher training program you must be a fully qualified Pilates instructor (mat work minimum). You must have completed a minimum of ten reformer Pilates classes (dynamic if possible, classical if not) before beginning your training with us.

To enrol on any of our other programs you must have completed our Beginner/Intermediate program.

Who are your Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Programs suitable for?

They are suitable for all fully qualified Pilates instructors (in mat-work Pilates or more) who wish to broaden their Pilates and fitness knowledge and skillset.

Will I gain a qualification on these programs?

You will receive a Power Pilates UK certificate of completion which is officially recognised by governing body Active IQ.

Are the Reformer Pilates programs officially recognised?

Yes they are recognised by Active IQ

Does the certificate allow me to teach Reformer Pilates?


How long do the Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Programs last?

All our programs are intensive and all last various lengths. The longest begin our Beginner/Intermediate program which lasts six days.

Where is the program situated?

We are situated in Breeze Yoga in Beckenham, South East London. We are zone 4 and the have an overground train that takes 20 minutes to get to London Victoria 1 minute walk from the studio.

Other London connections are London Bridge.

How much does the Reformer Pilates Teacher Training Program Cost?

Please see the pricing page for all program prices.

How many people are on the program?

There are a maximum of six people per program

Do I have to be at an advanced level to do the training program?

No you do not have to be at an advanced level to do the Beginner/Intermediate program. Good physical fitness is essential through.

What kind of clients is Dynamic Reformer Pilates Suitable for?

It can range from complete beginners to very advanced. We will teach you how to teach a beginners class that is suitable for complete beginners. However it may not be suitable as remedial Pilates (for those with severe injuries and other issues)

How do I enrol?

Please apply through the application form initially on our website.

How do I pay?

Payment details will be given once enrolment has been received and assessment completed.

How much deposit is required?

Each program is different please see the pricing page. Your place on the program will be secured once deposit has been received.

How can I use this program to further my career?

There are various ways in which our certified programs can help further your career. Perhaps if you wish to branch out in a new area of Pilates, open your own studio, be able to offer Dynamic Reformer Pilates to an existing studio you may work in or approaching other Dynamic Reformer Pilates studios to teach in.

How many trainers teach the program?

There are two main trainers who teach our programs: Korin Nolan (Founder of Power Pilates UK) and head trainer Jaclyn Lang. You may also take part in various Power Pilates UK classes taught by our other trainers.

How many hours is the program per day?

The day will usually start by participating and observing our morning classes (this is optional but a good way to learn more) then study starts at around 1.30 pm and will finish around 5.30/6 pm

What is the assessment process?

Students will be asked to provide a written class plan and also to teach a half an hour class. Students will be expected to meet our assessment criteria in order to pass and be certified.

What happens if I fail the assessment?

Whilst it is in our interest as well as yours that you pass first time (and we will do our utmost to help you pass first time round) we pride ourselves in our training programs and our brand and if we feel that a student is not quite ready to go on and start teaching, we will ask that further study is completed before being assessed again. There will be a further fee for ongoing training and assessment dates and you would be expected to partake in further practice. Feedback/help will be given up until your next assessment date.

Are there local B&B’s I can stay in close by?

Yes, Beckenham is a small town with a number of good B&B’s in the local area. There is also an abundance of good restaurants and bars within walking distance of the studio as well as supermarkets and shops.