About Our Reformer Pilates Teacher Training

Our reformer Pilates programs are intense based programs, meaning that you will be learning in a condensed amount of time over several consecutive days.

All students must first of all complete our Beginner/Intermediate Program, no matter what their level or ability. This is due to the fact that this teacher training program starts at the beginning, teaching you our ethos, our principals and style which is quite different from classical reformer Pilates. If you chose to further your training with us, you can then go on to complete any of our other programs that you feel would be most suitable for you and what you plan to do following your training with us. You may choose to complete all our programs over time, which encompasses all of the classes and levels we teach at Power Pilates UK.

Although previous reformer training is advantageous, it is not obligatory to take part in our programs, as our Beginner/Intermediate Program teaches you the basics. On the other hand, if you are classically trained in reformer Pilates and more experienced, it is still necessary for you to start with our Beginner/Intermediate Program as our style is very different to classical Reformer Pilates and it is just as important to grasp that style and new way of teaching, which as a classically trained instructor you may find the most challenging thing to adjust to start with.

In any case we do recommend that you do a minimum of at least ten reformer Pilates classes (dynamic if possible or classical if not) prior to the start of your teacher training program, so that you can get to grips with using the reformer machine before you start training with us.

Although our reformer Pilates training programs are open to all levels of fully qualified Pilates instructors, it is important to realise that our programs are mainly practical based and as a student you will not only be teaching throughout your training with us, but also participating in classes and practicing throughout your training. This meaning that it is a very physically demanding program.

You therefore must be fit enough to take part in any of our programs, if you have any injuries or weaknesses you should make us aware of those before signing up.

Before enrolling on our programs you must complete our induction form which will ask you about your previous training and experience as a fitness professional. (A copy of your Pilates qualification will be requested) If you have taught group classes before in either Pilates or any other genre of fitness, then although not essential, this will be helpful towards your training with us, as you will already be familiar with teaching group classes.

Whilst our reformer Pilates programs do not offer an official qualification, this is a Power Pilates Certified Program which is approved by an Awarding Body (Active IQ) and you will have the ability to teach Dynamic Reformer Pilates on successful completion.

At the end of your intensive training with us, you will be assessed on what you have learnt throughout your training in order to receive our certification. Whilst it is in our best interest as well as yours that all our students pass first time, we pride ourselves in our training programs and our brand and if we feel that a student is not quite ready to go on and start teaching, we will ask that further study is completed before being assessed again. There will be a further fee for ongoing training.