5 Reasons why our Membership Plan makes perfect sense

As so many of you have been enjoying your Special Offer Unlimited Pass over the last couple of months, we have decided to introduce an ongoing monthly pass permanently, as well as membership options. Both of which will save the £££'s and help lose the lbs for those of you who like to come regularly! 
For those of you who have been coming three or four times a week, you will no doubt have noticed how much stronger, fitter and leaner you feel and it has been very rewarding seeing such wonderful results and hearing so many positive comments. Especially from those of you who really struggled to begin with! 
To check out the prices for our Monthly pass and memberships head over to our Pricing page.

Here are five good Reasons to invest in a membership and come on a regular basis: 

1.  Making a commitment like this means that you are more likely to stick with it!

2.  Weight loss, inch loss, improved tone and flexibility. 

3.  Noticeably improved posture, technique and alignment.

4.  Improved well-being, stress relief and general relief from aches and pains. 

5.  Huge savings on individual classes! 

What are you waiting for? 

A Special Valentine's Offer for this week only!

power pilates beckenham valentines offer

If there is a time to make an extra effort with your partner, then Valentines day is certainly the day to do it! Whether things have become a little stale recently and you want to get the spark back, or if you are just afraid of losing the spark in the first place, then it's important to realise that sharing common interests with your other half, and spending quality time together is vital for a long lasting, healthy relationship.

There are few workouts that appeal to both male and female, but at Power Pilates UK, it's proven that Pilates is certainly not just for girls! In fact our classes have become increasingly popular with guys too. The reformer machine makes this a challenging workout for both sexes, and we believe that working out with your partner, has many more benefits to offer than besides getting fit and toned. 

Here, Dating Guru James Preece shares his top reasons, as to why working out with your partner is a great idea, not only for fitness reasons, but also for your relationship too. 

1)When you exercise together, you can be each other's cheerleader and personal trainer. You'll be more motivated and ready for training. No more excuses to take things easy. Time will go quicker and you'll be constantly encouraged and motivated. 

2) Sex Drive. Studies have shown that exercise can increase the male libido. This is mainly due to an increase in testosterone levels. As well as this, the endorphins that you'll get from Pilates increase blood flow and you will feel happier and sexier. 

3) Shared interests are what help couples bond and stay together. Pilates increases your concentration and teaches you to be fully present. This is a great skill for any relationship. 
4) The more you train, the more improvements you'll make. You can plan special rewards and treats to celebrate your successes. 

5) Another benefit is that you'll be able to try what you learn at home. It's fun to practice with each other and you'll see faster results. 

This Valentines week ( 12-19th February) we're offering you the chance to bring your partner (or any loved one) along and receive your class half price! If you are already doing our unlimited offer, then you can use your half price class after it has finished. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, sign your partner up and them into a class, then either email korin@powerpilatesuk.com or call 07939 412058 to purchase and book your half price class. 

T&C's - your partner must be a new client in order to qualify for this offer. 

Happy Valentines day!
Korin x

Cardio Bounce has arrived!

power pilates beckenham - cardio bounce

If you're looking for a fun way to work out that burns calories and tones all in one, then look no further! Power Pilates UK has introduced the 'Cardio Bounce Class' to our timetable which incorporates a mini trampoline (an extension to the reformer work out). Adding intervals of cardio to the dynamic reformer work out to upbeat music, this high energy class will not only increase cardio fitness, but will also improve overall tone and strength especially in the abdominal area, glutes and legs.

To check out a quick demo, click here.  

To book your session head over to Pilates Classes in Beckenham where you purchase the intro offer: 2 classes for £20. If you have never done reformer Pilates before, we recommend that you try the beginners class to start with.

Get Fit For Christmas!

Why wait until the new year to feel fabulous? Take advantage of our one month unlimited pass and come as many times as you like, to make sure you sparkle this festive season! 

And don't forget our Gift Cards are available to buy online through your account on our booking system, just go to our 'online store' and select 'Gift Cards' once you are there. You can purchase anything from our intro offer to one of our packages for your friends and family. If you don't have an account, it's easy to set one up, just go to our 'Sign up and Book now page'. Give the gift of fitness this Christmas and make others feel just as fabulous as you! 

Power Pilates UK is Live!

Welcome to Power Pilates UK, we are so excited to open our brand new dynamic reformer studio at Breeze Yoga in Beckenham! We guarantee that once you try Power Pilates UK, you will become addicted - the results are literally transformational.

Please feel free to offer your thoughts and suggestions on our comment cards in studio or whenever possible: this is your studio and we want you to enjoy coming to our classes and achieving the body you have always dreamed of.